Learning Log

When I began this course, I started with a paper based learning log as I work better having something physically in front of me that I can hand-write notes on . However I have transferred across to this blog as it is easier to present my work in a more organized manner as well as share it with others.


It’s difficult as a viewer especially searching through the internet to trust the source and ‘truth’ of a photograph. An image can never be wholly objective.

Can we see the whole picture? The bigger picture?

“The journalistic photographer can have no other than a personal approach; and it is impossible for him to be completely objective. Honest – Yes. Objective – No.” W. Eugene Smith. http://www.magnumphotos.com/C.aspx?VP3=CMS3&VF=MAGO31_10_VForm&ERID=24KL5347YF

Viewing an image is a creative process of the human mind. The viewer has to depict the information from the image. However I think it is very important to remember to consider the person who captured the image, their thought process and what they are trying to translate.




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