Research Point (Page 56)

Word Document – Sophie C Take care of yourself 4

Take care of yourself letter Sophie CalleIMG_0004

Sophie Calle’s work is inspired by her feelings and relationships from real every-day life and ordinary people.

Word Document – Sophie Rickett Objects in the Field


How do these two pieces of work reflect post-modern approaches to narrative?

Sophy Rickett’s approach guides the viewer to recognise the link between the narrative and the images. Within the text Rickett describes a childhood memory of visiting the hospital for eye appointments; connecting ophthalmics, the importance of vision “I must of needed glasses for a while… I would not, until that point ever seen the stars, barely even, the moon” and astronomer Dr Roderick Willstop’s telescope produced black and white film negatives.  Her use of personal memories is very post-modern, leaving unresolved endings allowing the viewer to take a more active approach to reading and interpretation.

Sophie Calle’s project began through receiving a letter ending her love relationship. To gather more understanding of it she asked over one hundred women to read, assess and interpret it. There was a wide range of media used in their responses, such as video, audio, analysis, performance (dance and actingprescriptions), prescriptions/psychiatrist notes and photographs.

Calle’s inspiration is from real life, her feelings, her relationships. Her project gave the readers a chance to put their view on the situation and explore the possibilities of human emotions.

IMG_0007 IMG_0008

“To better understand his feelings about being photographed and his reactions to my photographs, I asked Bert to caption small prints I kept in a pocket-sized notebook. Each speaking from our own perspective…” Deveney, K. Accessed 27/09/2015.

IMG_0002 IMG_0003


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