Research into double-exposure techniques

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The shots I have used :


I found a link on the internet which explained how to create a double-exposure with my DLSR Nikon – (see pages above for the link).

In-camera technique:

WP_20151103_14_27_46_Pro WP_20151103_14_28_00_Pro WP_20151103_14_31_08_Pro WP_20151103_14_31_15_Pro

My result with this experiment :

I then produced the double-exposure in Photoshop (see the page 3/3 at the beginning of the post for how I achieved this) using a slightly different shot of the same flowers.

This was the outcome:

DSC_0060photoshop editsmaler

The cow in the base layer of the image is one who has now been culled due to contracting the contagious disease (bovine) tuberculosis. I edited the base layer by removing it’s colour. My aim was to communicate a sense of sadness, the yellow in the flowers to stimulate thought and perhaps optimism.