Assignment Three

DSC_0163landscape 2 final layers

Introduction/Word document: Assignment Three

Tutor Report: GraceHowells513853-AS03

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Demonstration of technical and visual skills

To produce the photograph, I had to deeply consider my composition skills as the layout of the photograph was important to the overall impact. I chose to use myself as the subject matter within the piece literally rather than metaphorically, this meant whilst in the production stage I had to do a lot of trial and error to achieve the shots I was looking for. However, this was very experimental as I wasn’t sure exactly what positions I wanted beforehand and what would work, I therefore ran with a few ideas which I gained from inspiration of the artists I had researched.

Quality of outcome

The overall outcome of the image is strong. I wanted the subject to appear to be looking out into the landscape. Using Photoshop, the quality to the finished product was pretty good. If I was to rework the shot, I would improve the it by considering the smaller details better, for example removing the hair band from the shot.

The written piece provided good communication of my ideas including the techniques involved in how I was to achieve them.

Demonstration of creativity

I provided evidence of my experimentation with the use of screen-shots and contact sheets. My personal voice is apparent through the final image itself and the text which supports it. I explored my personality basing the assignment around it. During the creation/editing stage I tried removing the areas of the landscape which fell outside the portrait. This resulted in the image looking quite weak. Perhaps if I had chosen a specific part of nature such as a tree or flowers this may have been more achievable.


Research into photographers such as Greta Tu was used as a great inspiration to the work. In future assignments I may try to use artists for inspiration by mimicking their style closer than what I have managed to within this work.