Assignment Two


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Contact sheet five
Contact sheets

Tutor report – GraceHowells513853-AS02


  • Re-format – no background on workbook
  • Strengthen research references in learning log
  • Produce the images like polaroids
  • Get the rider character to re-caption the shots by handwriting on the polariods
  • Rework/add to the conclusion
  • Redo blog- pages restructure – plain background (formal) -blog research



At first I struggled, not understanding the question to the assignment and therefore was unable to think of a good idea. Having difficulty in receiving some help from my original tutor I manged to overcome this on my own and ran with the idea that sprung to my mind after having been inspired by a quote in the course content “…photography is only a tool, a vehicle, for expressing or transmitting a passion in something else.” (Hurn, D. and Jay, B. (1997) On Being a Photographer: A Practical Guide (3rd Edition. Anacortes, WA: Lenswork). Having a great interest in horses I decided to use this as a base for my project. I began thinking up an idea for which object I would focus the project around.

Again being rather clueless about how to present my work as well, I just went with what I thought would look aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully my new tutor commented on this and provided me with tips and suggested changes which came in very useful and will be for future assignments too.

Good planning of the shoot was very effective and showed my observational skills. I may plan further assignments in a similar way.

In the next assignment if I have complications I will obviously consult my tutor again however I shall also try find direction and encouragement from my peers on the forums etc. Hopefully this will give me understanding of what to do and different perspectives on whether I am going in the right direction plus I will be able to compare my work with others.


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